MCRLab history dates back to 1984. The MCRLab receives funding from various government and industry sources. We would like to acknowledge the support of those funding sources, which is helping us achieve our renowned and distinct status as a leader in our various research areas.


The Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory (MCRLAB) at the University of Ottawa started its operations on multimedia communications in 1984, with a three-year NSERC Strategic Grant to the team of N. D. Georganas, M. Goldberg and S. Cohn-Sfetcu. The research was focused on multimedia radiological communications with the generous support and collaboration of Dr G. BĂ©langer, then Head of the Department of Radiological Sciences at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, and many of his colleagues. A multimedia system prototype resulted from this activity. Since 1990, the laboratory has received grants from the Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research (CITR), a Network of Centres of Excellence established by the Government of Canada and several industrial partners. A CITR major project on Broadband Services, focusing on multimedia news on demand and distance learning, was researched from 1994-98. The MCRLab led the CITR team in multimedia synchronization. By 1998, the MCRLab was heavily engaged in research on Distributed and Collaborative Virtual Environments, with applications in industrial training and e-commerce, which led to the establishment of the DISCOVER laboratory. By 2002 the research at the MCRLab was directed towards the dissemination of information through the internet in an efficient and secure manner. Our goal is to increase the usability and affiance of current web technologies and to develop new technologies that enhance the usability of the internet. Since 2006 we have been working towards our vision of Ambient Intelligent Multimedia Environments.

Research Funding Agencies

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Ontario Innovation Trust
  • Ontario Research Network for Electronic Commerce
  • Communications and Information Technology Ontario
  • CANARIE Inc. - Canada's advanced Internet development organization
  • National Capital Institute of Telecommunications

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