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Yan Liu and Jiying Zhao, A Robust Image Watermarking Method Based on Adaptive Feature Points Detection, Proc. International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems (IEEE), Vol. I, Track 05, Guilin, China, pp.49-53, June 25-28, 2006

Y. Chen, S. Das, P. Dhar, A. El Saddik, And A. Nayak, "An Effective Defence Mechanism Against Massively Distributed DoS Attacks", In proceedings of the 9th World Conference on Integrated Design & Process Technology, June 25-30, 2006, San Diego, California, USA

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Andre Dufour. “Peer-to-Peer Suitability for Collaborative Multiplayer Games”. In Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, Delft, Netherland 25th - 28th Oct. 2003

Alan Brunton and Jiying Zhao, Real-Time Video Watermarking on Programmable Graphics Hardware, Proceedings of IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE) 2005, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, pp.1254-1257, May 1-4, 2005

M. Anwar Hossain, Pradeep Atrey and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, "Modeling quality of information in multi-sensor surveillance systems", in Proc. of the International Workshop on Ambient Intelligence, Media, and Sensing, (AIMS 2007), April 20, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey

A. Alamri, R. Iglesias, M. Eid, A. El Saddik, S. Shirmohammadi, and E. Lemaire, "Haptic-based Exercises for Post-Stroke Patient Rehabilitation", ", Proc. 2nd IEEE Workshop on Medical Measurement and Applications, Warsaw, Poland, May 4-5 2007.

Md. Abdur Rahman, Abdulmajeed Alkhaldi, Jongeun Cha, and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, “Adding Haptic Feature to YouTube”,2010 ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Fiorente, Italy, Oct. 2010

M. Eid, J. Cha, and A. El Saddik, “HugMe: A Haptic Videoconferencing System for Interpersonal Communication,” IEEE International Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces, and Measurement Systems (VECIMS), pp. 5-9, Istanbul, Turkey, July 14-16, 2008

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